The German electronic anti-scale system

The German electronic anti-scale system

The salt-free and chemical-free system protects cooling towers and industrial applications against scale and rust

Vulcan’s eco-friendly water treatment technology prevents scale and rust deposits from building up in piping systems and appliances. The Vulcan anti-scale system applies a physical water treatment utilizing a special impulse technology. Electronic impulses change the form of crystallized calcium in the water so that the calcium crystals do not adhere to pipes and surfaces. Vulcan functions exclusively with these electronic impulses – no chemicals or salt are used and it works 100% maintenance-free.

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Eco friendly product
Easy Installation Without Cutting the Pipes

Easy Installation Without
Cutting the Pipes

The Vulcan anti-scale system is designed for an easy installation. You don't need to cut the pipes which saves time and money. For the installation no special tools are required.

Installation Notes

  • For optimal water treatment Vulcan is best installed near the water meter or at the main water supply.
  • The impulse band windings can be placed on the left side, on the right side or underneath the electronic device. Leave a safe distance of at least 1 cm (min. ~1/2”) from each other.
  • Vulcan can be installed vertically, horizontally or at any other angle. If there is no space available on the pipe the device can also be wall-mounted.
  • In case of limited space the windings can be placed partly on the main pipe and partly on the distributor pipe.

Benefits and Savings
with vulcan

  • Productivity increase due to the reduction of scale deposits.
  • Inexpensive installation without interruption of the production.
  • Spend less on machinery maintenance
    More efficient use of energy loss
  • Fast amortizatin of qcquisition costs.
  • Easy cleaning and no need to apply acids in cooling towers.
  • Reduces chemical use in many areas.
  • Maximum working life of expensive production equipment.
  • More reliable water supply.