About US

GRT Technolines

GRT TECHNOLINES (formerly VAYUTEK) is into manufacturing and trading of compressed air, gas, and liquid filtration equipments.

Based in Bangalore, we have over a decade of rich experience and domain knowledge in rendering technical support / consultancy for air, gas & Liquid treatment systems, industrial precision refrigeration Systems We specialize in tailoring projects per client requirements, substitute for various international filters at same/higher efficiency & performance keeping costs at bay.

Our products are Process Filtration, Hydraulic & Lube Oil Filtration, Air Filtration, Gas Filtration, Compressed air Filtration, Chillers and Oil Coolers.We have domain experts with strong understanding of varies industries like automobiles, engineering, textile, petro-chemical, steel, cement, food & beverages, pharmaceutical, aerospace and electronics apart from a few others. We understand that downtime of an industry reduces the efficiency and hence increases cost of production, our timely service is one of the key aspects clients would want to work with us for. With the above, we are sure that under one roof we will be able to provide a complete solution for air gas and liquid filtration systems.



GRT TEchnolines is driven by the Philosophy of ‘CUSTOMER FIRST’ and all the support systems and service teams are owned and operated by the company and not outsourced.



Unfortunately not everybody in the world has access to clean water. Over 60% of the world’s population suffer from lack of water and have no access to clean, safe drinking water. The situation in third world countries is especially worsened by environmental disasters, drought and long, raging wars.



Remembering our principle target of customer substance, we strive to convey quality product and along these lines is an eminent brand in the business.